City Palace Billrothhaus


The Billrothhaus was built during the reign of His Majesty Kaiser Franz Josef. It was designed by the architect Ludwig Richter and inaugurated on 27th of October 1893, as shown on a plaque on the richly ornamented niche beside a bust of the emperor on a wall in vestibule. The building is city Palace in the palatial style of the neo-Renaissance. It features a splendid “Festsaal”, Festival Hall on the first floor, which is reached by a magnificent ornate staircase or an elevator, installed at a later date.

Ceremonial Hall

The Festival Hall with its richly decorated ceiling and walls, enhanced by a wealth of statues just above the balcony transports us back to the imperial times.

The house obtained its actual Name in 1919 as it was named after Theodor Billroth, president of the Society of Viennese Medical Doctors. As it houses the most extensive library, reading and meeting rooms, it has continued to be the seat of the Medical Society until today.